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Never Doubt by Diana Gregg

Years ago when I first began to do Spiritual Healings, I would occasionally have bouts of self-doubt running through my mind.  Even though the clients whom I worked on always noticed great results and gave me extraordinarily positive feed back, I would still doubt myself.  When I would confide in my husband my concerns about […]

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Planet Earth and Appreciation

This morning I was walking my dogs in the rainstorm.  Everywhere I looked, I felt like I was in wonderland.  I was walking through a green meadow with trees bending and swaying everywhere.  The water in the nearby stream was gushing from the rain soaring over rocks  and plants  swirling in a downward motion.  The […]

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NEW Guided Meditation CD

NEW guided meditation CD that will bring healing and peace to you.  There are 4 tracks that include relaxation, chakra balancing, forgiveness, gratitude, and blessings.  Go visit my store and you can download the music by tracks or the whole CD.

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Angels and a Life Saving Experience by Diana Gregg

When I was 20 I had an amazing experience that saved my life.  I was working on  a major paper for college.  I didn’t have a computer or typewriter so a friend of mine invited me over to use their typewriter and spare room in their Victorian home in Rochester, England.  The room was extremely […]

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Katherines' Opossum by Katherine Bakerink

One very rainy morning, I found myself alerted by my dog’s excitedbarking. I glanced out the sliding glass door to my backyard only to see my dog barking at something very still lying on the ground. My curiosity got the better of me and I walked outside to get a closer look. There on the grass I found […]

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Message for a Move

My husband and got married in 1992. I moved into his home with his 2 kids from a previous marriage. I never felt completely at home there and wanted to get a house that we picked out together. He wanted to stay there so the kids had a stable environment. I was fine with the […]

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Katherine's Story by Katherine Bakerink

Many years ago, my spouse at the time was facing a new career opportunity. For weeks he had been contemplating back and forth if this change would be the best for him and our family. The poor dear man was in constant turmoil over if he should or shouldn’t take this opportunity. Quite honestly, he […]

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Photo Frame Story by Meghan Snell

The photo frame story: A few days after a reading with Laura where my Godfather made a visit from the other side I had noticed a photo of him in my home was turned on its side, vertical from it horizontal orientation. I had a feeling he had moved it as a sign that he […]

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Signs from Grandma by Meghan Snell

My Grandma and I were kindred spirits. We both enjoyed writing and the mystical side of life. We often called each other when Sylvia Brown was going to be on Montel Williams. We were mutually fascinated and enjoyed sharing this together. While she was still alive we made a pact that once she got to […]

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