Archive | April, 2011

Five Tips to Feel Balanced and Calm

Have you been feeling overwhelmed… as if time is moving faster than usual? Have you gone through any traumatic physical issues recently? Do you feel like you need to find more peace and quiet in your life? It seems that a lot of us are going through big changes mentally, physically, and spiritually. Below are […]

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White Lotus Message For Meghan

The coolest thing happened today! My friend Meghan emailed me to ask for my thoughts on her business cards. I did not have a great feeling about the cards. So I asked her if she liked the name that was on the cards and she said not really and it didn’t feel right all the […]

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Love….. I had the most profound experience recently that I feel inspired to write about. It is one of those life changing moments. It is one of those moments that touch you to the core of your being, your essence, your soul… It shifted me in the most amazing way and hopefully my words will […]

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