About Laura

About Laura

For over 40 years Laura has been actively practicing Yoga and Meditation. For the past twenty years, she has learned and practiced a variety of other active and passive Mind Body techniques. This includes: Sound Healing, Guided Visualizations, Reiki, Intuition, Personal Growth, and Pilates. Laura while following this path has become a Master teacher in these areas as well. She teaches private classes, group classes, and has taught at world class Health Spas such as Rancho La Puerta, The Golden Door, and The Golden Door Spa at Sea.

Laura’s Yoga Practice
Her 500-Hour Yoga Certification coupled with 40 years of a personal Yoga practice exposed her to a variety of Yoga styles and Master teachers such as Swami Veda Bharati from the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and internationally renowned Walt Baptiste. Laura has, however, concentrated her personal practice in the Raja Yoga tradition often referred to as the “Royal Yoga.” This method emphasizes the benefits of meditation for spiritual self-realization and the purposeful evolution of consciousness.

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Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls, an outgrowth of her Yoga training, has captivated her interest and her passion for sharing these beautiful melodic sounds in many of her classes, both group and private. Playing high quality and digitally tuned and tested bowls in a beautiful calm setting leads the listener into a very sacred, harmonious and balanced space, that can actually begin the process of healing, both emotional and physical.

Other Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Techniques
Laura has received her Reiki Level III training, Reconnection, and Reconnective Healing Training. These Energy Healing techniques, like Crystal Bowls, can also help the participant/student in healing, emotional and physical well-being and other life challenges.

Founder of Moving Spirit Retreats
As founder of Moving Spirit Retreats, she enthusiastically shares her philosophy and teachings in a very positive and nurturing environment. She is completely dedicated to assisting others in deepening their spirituality and ultimately discovering their divine purpose.

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Dance Background
Laura has a degree in dance from Towson State University and trained with master teachers in New York City. In her earlier years she performed with several small modern dance companies in Baltimore, Boulder Colorado, and Off -Off Broadway in New York City.


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Crystal Bowls on the Road

Laura, her husband Gary, and Hop, her three-legged dog, are currently traveling and exploring the USA and Canada in a Motorhome. Along the way in different cities and towns, she teaches these Mind Body techniques. In her spare time, Laura loves running with Hop, painting, eating healthy and hiking in nature.

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You can follow and join Laura for a sound healing, yoga class, retreat or event while she’s on the road!
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