Ascension and Peace

After listening to many versions of many wise ones on the planet, the one thing I am clear about now is that in order to raise our vibrations we need to keep clearing our emotional bodies. That means clearing away any unfinished business or healing any old hurts or traumas. We have choices and here are a few of them.

1) Write down whatever is bothering you in a letter and burn it when you are finished. It is an ancient ayurvedic technique to help us let go and burning the letter is symbolic for releasing those old deep hurts.
2) Forgive that person for anything they may have done that caused hurt to you. The Ho’oponopono prayer is very powerful for helping to clear the shared memories. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, and thank you” We have shared memories in the relationship and going into compassion can help you understand why that person did what they did.
3) Forgive and finally forget it for good. forgetting is wonderful because it helps you to let it go. If you forget the hurts than they are not there to be reactivated every time you see that person or situation.
4) Work through all your hurts so you can be free from them and cleared.

As mother earth continues to ascend we are going with her as well. It feels like time is speeding up which it is. As it does if we are not grounded, then we can feel very disoriented and confused. It is very important to ground ourselves everyday. Apparently this is the first time ever in history that a planet has ascended like our earth is now doing. According to the ancients Earth will be in a certain alignment with the sun and galactic center by 12/21/12. This is a very mystical date and one that will alter our reality for a very long time. Apparently we are in a shift of the ages. This means every 26,000 years we go through some sort of major shift on our planet. We are at that place now in history.

According to my readings and sources we are in for some amazing times. There is a whole new banking system waiting in the wings to take place of our very dysfunctional, negative, fear based, and self serving system that is currently in place. Also, there will be technology released that can help out all our pollution and poverty on the planet. Apparently, we are being assisted by many ascended masters, star beings, angels, and guides to help us make a peaceful and smooth transition into the new dimension we are shifting into. As things continue to shift on our planet it might feel very chaotic to some people. The most important thing we can do is root ourselves in love and joy. This is so important. It is also important not to get attached to the systems that are falling apart around the planet. They need to fall apart before we can rebuild our governing systems based on truth and equality for all.

Take time each day to meditate on love and peace inside of yourselves and then practice extending it out to the world around you. As the Dali Lama says that peace starts from within and eventually we will have peace outside of ourselves.

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