Dance as Expression

small laura dancingExercise is wonderful but dance is even more wonderful. Anyone can dance. Over 30 years ago, my ballet teacher (a Broadway dancer) said “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” I have never forgotten this saying. We all have the ability to feel rhythm in our bodies. It is innate. Dance has been around forever and will continue to be around forever. It is a natural expression of life. In other cultures, dance is not just for exercise, but for relating, celebrating, and moving to music that resonates with something deep inside. Dance calls to our spirit and our spirit wants the freedom to move!

To dance for the sake of dancing and be fully engaged in the movements also helps us to connect to something much deeper. We connect to our voice, our song, and our individual unique rhythm. We learn about ourselves through movement and when we can relax into the movements something magical happens. Dance is a gateway for our hearts and our entire being to open in each moment.

Get started by moving to music you love. Suspend your self-criticism. Try walking to music and just pay attention to the beat. As you move, tell yourself positive affirmations that your body is beautiful and serves everything you do in life. Express appreciation for your body. This will help you to feel more self love and allow your spirit and soul to dance, too!

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