How is it possible that we can create peace out of chaos? After hearing the Dali Lama, I was reminded that peace in the world comes from peace within first. How do we create peace within? I feel that being in nature and connecting with mother earth is so important. It will help ground you and help you to feel connected to something bigger than yourself. The more we can capture feeling connected with earth, the more we can feel connected with ourselves. I notice that when I am out in the garden, I feel a huge amount of peace. I also feel peace when I listen to fantastic music like Snatum Kaur. I go into another space and time which feels different than third dimensional earth. Another way I feel that connection is when I am doing any kind of artwork. I get so focused and concentrated that I lose all sense of time and place. I do believe that is when I step out of third dimension. Whenever I do that, I feel so much peace in my heart. I do believe that when we can feel peace in our hearts that is the vibration we send out into the world. It does work and when the Dali Lama says find peace within then we will find peace outside of ourselves… I believe him completely.

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