Sacred Days Retreats

I am excited to announce my partnership into Sacred Days Retreats, based in Sedona, Arizona. Awakenings Yoga Studio and Wellness Center is owned and operated by Mally Paquette and has such a special energy of centered love and heart expansion. Mally and I each have over 35 years of teaching experience and health expertise. Sedona is home to Gary and I now and the beauty & the sacredness of the land is exceptional. The ancient energy vortexes offer a unique opportunity to expand consciousness and heal from within.
The Healer IS Within.

Our Sacred Days Retreats offer world class instruction of Yoga, Ayurveda & Sound Healing. The wisdom of Astrology and Indigenous Ceremony with authentic Native Americans provides unique depth and exploration. Shamanic journeys, hikes in the sacred red rocks and moonlight magic prevail! We customize each retreat and can deliver a transformative personal pilgrimage with qualified, experienced and caring healers. Accommodations are included in most retreats but each experience can be adjusted for your desires.

We are happy to speak with you regarding questions. Details about Sacred Days Retreats can be reviewed at: We invite you to gather some friends, coworkers or family and we will adjust a special offer for any group of five or more with a personal discount for your attendance. Come join us for an amazing experience in the red rocks of Sedona.

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