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Meet Laura Penn Gallerstein

Inspiring, dynamic and refreshing. Laura’s intuitive nature combined with her decades of training and implementing what she learns gives her an incredible knowledge base and ability for teaching, leading and connecting. About Laura.

Moving Spirit Classes & Retreats

Moving Spirit, or skillfully putting Energy in motion, best describes Laura Penn Gallerstein’s work with Yoga, Pilates, dance, hiking, the outdoors, and her ability to integrate movement into her work with intuition and spiritual guidance. See Classes and Retreats for her teleclasses, classes, and retreats.

Whispering Wings Meditations for Relaxation, Healing and Blessings CD

Features 4 meditations led by Laura:
1-Relaxation…Find Your Sacred Spot
2-Ocean…Chakra Balancing
Music by Mark Watson

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This could make a great gift for yourself or someone else you love!

Laura, the retreat was absolutely amazing! You did a wonderful job and everyone had the best time. So much attention was given to every detail — the flowers, the delicious lunch, the gift bags…Wow! Thanks for sharing yourself in this wonderful way!” -Deb, Escondido, CA

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